Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Is Russell Brunson's DotComSecrets a Scam?

While it may be true that some have accused Russell Brunson and his DotCom Secrets of being a scam. Anyone who has actually tried Russell Brunson's 3-step DotComSecrets system, however, knows that it really does work. So why have people still called Russell a scammer. One reason may simply be ignorance.

If someone is only exposed to one of Russell's sales pages or infomercials, or never actually applies the strategies Russell teaches and sees the extraordinary claims Russell offers it is natural to be skeptical. There really are a lot of marketers out there who make claims which are not true or are a large exaggeration of the truth. These marketers could legitimately be called scammers or frauds, and it is understandable that someone who has not actually tried any of Russell's products may assume Russell is one of these marketing scammers and rip off artists.

Many of Russell's happy customers know the truth. Russell Brunson and his Dot Com Secrets is not a scam. Russell is the real deal. His products provide a lot of value to anyone who applies what is taught. He even gives a 100% guarantee on all of his products. There are many happy customers to prove that what Russell teaches really works...

See for yourself here:


Russell also offers a lot of value up front, with very little commitment, just so people can see for themselves if what Russell has to offer really is of any value. Check out what he is offering here:


If you have any doubts about Russell Brunson and his DotComSecrets I invite you to actually try his system out to see first hand for yourself. After you have reviewed and applied what Russell teaches, ask yourself, "Is Russell Brunson's DotCom Secrets a scam?". I bet you'll know first hand that the answer is a resounding NO.